The DI-ACRO thermoformer is located in laboratory 109A of the John Mitchell Center. Though this machine is fully operational, Students use a vacuum box and hose for better control due to time constraints in learning this process. 

This procedure can be easily achieved by following the description and safety practices listed below.


1. Plastic Sheet

2. Thermoformer  (vacuum & vacuum box.)

3. Paper cutter, shears, or scissors to cut plastic sheet.

4. Heating Unit

5. Mold(s)

6. Mold release wax

Operation Sequence:


1. Place mold(s) on the platen. (Vacuum Box) 

2. Clamp plastic sheet or film into the Thermoformer. 

3. Warm up heating unit. Heat plastic until it begins to sag. 

4. Bring plastic in contact with mold. 

5. Apply the vacuum 

6. Turn off heating unit and cool the formed plastic part. 

7. Turn off vacuum, remove the part and trim as needed. 

Note: Different size vacuum boxes may be bolted down onto the platen. If this is done the frame needs to be adjusted by moving the crossbars.



1. Wear safety glasses and be aware of your surroundings. 

2. Be careful when swinging heating unit over and away from machine 

3. Make sure heating unit is not left on. Rubber vacuum hose may be under it and unit gets very hot. 

4. Some plastic sheets hold heat longer than others do. Cool it long enough before handling. 

5. Do not leave the di-acro plastic press unattended when in use. 

6. Note: plastic sheet clamp may spring while opening. 

   Mold              Finished Product


Prepared by Richard Harris 3/2/98
Ref. used. Steele, GL (1977) Exploring The World Of Plastics Illinois: McKnight Publishing.