Sweat Soldering

Sweat soldering is a process of soldering that melts solder and joins pieces of metal together without using a soldering iron.



           1. Solder(Specific to the metals using)
           2. Propane Torch
             3. Flux
              4. Matches


Operation (Sweat Soldering): Sweat soldering is the operation of using solder to join metal together using a torch.

  1. Surface of joined areas are to be cleaned and made as smooth as possible.
  2. Add flux to the area that is to be joined.
  3. Clamp pieces together if possible.
  4. Light torch with a match as you open the valve slowly.
  5. Heat using torch until the solder melts and unites the metals.
  6. The joints must not move until the solder cools.

Metal is being heated and the solder is being melted  to join the two metals. 

The two jointed metals are not to be moved until the solder cools so the have a strong joint. You can see the solder cover the jointed area completely. 


Safety Procedures:  Because of  potential hazards the following safety rules must be practiced.

  • Before you perform any operations make sure you know how to do it safely.
  • Always wear safety glasses.
  • Never wear clothes that could dangle and catch on fire.
  • Make sure the propane canister is not damaged.
  • Make sure propane container is cool before putting on or removing burner head.
  • Make sure burner head is on tight and there are no leaks.
  • When using an open flame, make sure there is nothing flammable around.
  • Do not point the open flame at anything you do not want heated.
  • Do not touch hot metals unless you have proper equipment or until they are completely cooled.
  • Disconnect burner head when finished and propane tank is cool.

Potential Hazards:

     1. Propane cylinder contains gaseous and liquid propane which is highly flammable.
      2. The metals you are working with will be hot
      3. There is an open flame which can set things on fire


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Prepared by Jason Hludik, 11/14/2001